Embed The Chess Program Fritz In A Web Site:

Fritz Online is the chess playing entity with by far the biggest opening repertoire on this planet. New theory is available soon after it has been played in a grandmaster game.
You can put this in your web site. Use it to setup training of specific positions or endgames.

1. Samples How It Can Be Used

1a. Direct Links to further endgames

Won KPPKP Ending (Grigoriev)
Pawn Majority
Rook Ending a-pawn, draw

2. How is it done?

This embeds a standard chess program. Put the code snippet below into the html code of your web site.
And here you can set up an endgame training. Add the position as parameter as shown below:
You can quickly copy paste a position in FEN format from the ChessBase or Fritz program:

3. Other Stuff For Your Site

Check out how to enrich your web site with other chess goodies