Put Live Chess In Your Web Site:

1. Embed as an iframe

Embed any of the above links as an iframe into your own web page: The live transmission at the top of this page is basically embedded as

The extra style parameters scale and center the embedded frame with the window size. Here is a simpler version with fixed size:

2. Kibitz By Link

2.1 Parameter "live"

To display the most popular live broadcasts use the url parameter "kibitz=live".
Example: https://live.chessbase.com?kibitz=live

2.2 Parameter "event"

The url parameter "kibitz=event" selects games from a current event:
Example: https://live.chessbase.com/frame/Wijk The value of the event parameter can be a partial text of the full name.

4. Embed a Live Blitz Game

5. Embed Tactics

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